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The credit assessment, otherwise known as the credit file, is the indicator used by lenders to calculate the risk taken when granting you a loan. In Canada, Equifax and TransUnion are the two major credit bureaus that evaluate these requests.

The evaluation includes all the information related to your credit history, including loans taken, financing, credit cards, and also the duration of your current employment. It gives the potential lender an idea of your ability to repay the money loaned.

For dealerships, the credit assessment first determines if they are prepared to offer you a financing plan. It will then help to establish the interest rate.

However, any time a check is done by a borrower who denies you financing, it shows up on your credit file.

That’s why Style Auto offers you the opportunity to find out where you stand by filling out a form, without affecting your file!

Thanks to this quick and free evaluation, you will have a better idea of the budget you can afford for a new vehicle, as well as the financing plans that could be available to you.

So avoid multiple applications that hurt your credit file, and fill out the Style Auto form. Simply provide some information about your financial situation, and you’ll be able to see where you stand.

Our financing experts will then provide you with a customized evaluation, which will allow you to apply for credit without being rejected!

For some buyers, the credit score can be a barrier to buying a new car, although it’s often a necessity. That’s why your Style Auto dealer offers in-house financing – the type of financing that allows for customized deals, regardless of your credit score.

Get an evaluation from our financing specialists today and get one step closer to your new car. The Style Auto team helps you reach your goals by offering you individualized financing solutions that are always simple!

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