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a person pulling the handle of a luxury used vehicle and holding the car keys in the other hand in a dealership

The Good Information at the Right Time

We often hear that buying a car represents the second most important purchase one could make (after buying a home), and even if it’s not always true with second-hand vehicles, even good deals cost a few thousand dollars. Among the many things you should pay attention to before going forward with this transaction, the car history is probably the most important. Let’s check out what you should know about that.

The Devil Is In the Details

Too many people imagine that a car history is useful only to get the number of previous owners of a vehicle, info on its provenance, and on some of the repairs that were done on it. In fact, it conceals a myriad of other data that can be of the utmost importance: has the vehicle already been stolen or damaged in an accident? Was he recalled or the object of an audition regarding a dispute between a car owner and the manufacturer (usually about hidden defects)? That’s the kind of thing you really want to know before spending thousands of dollars.

The Different Types of Histories Available

There are several ways to get your hands on a vehicle history, and they’re obviously not worth the same. The easiest and cheapest is to pass by the SAAQ: for a very low price (below 20 $), you’ll know between each hands the vehicle has been and how many kilometers were declared during each sale. If you’re choosing to purchase a vehicle from a car dealer, it would be surprising if he hadn’t all the informations pertaining to maintenance works and repairs readily available. And finally the CarProof, which is undeniably the most comprehensive resource out there when it comes to vehicle history. On top of the informations previously listed, a CarProof report will inform you of potential accidents involving the car, if it was stolen at some point, its import file if it’s coming from another country, etc.

You should never spend your hard earned money without gathering as much informations as possible on the product you intend to purchase beforehand. The few dozens of dollars that this process will cost you are meaningless compared to the money, the energy and the time you’ll save by having access to the right data. A car history is indispensable, not an option! Visit us for in-house financing service.