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Spring Cleaning Also Applies to Your Car

Spring is Back, Show Some Love to Your Car

Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and just minutes away from Montreal, will not only offer you the best second hand car on the market and a car loan at the best rate, it will also give you his best advice on how to maintain your car. With spring at our door, what better than to rejuvenate your vehicle.

The Cleaning Starts!

The beautiful season is upon us and it’s time to make our vehicle shine. Let's go step by step.

Changing tires is probably a great way to get ready for the summer. If we all know that we need to change our winter tires for summer or 4-season tires, you will also agree that there is no point in waiting at the very end of the spring to go to the garage.

If you don’t do it quickly and the spring weather is exceptionally mild over several days, you risk to accelerate the wear of your winter tires. You know how much it costs to buy such tires, so be careful and quickly make your appointment at your garage. This will extend the life of your winter tires and you will see a change in your driving experience once you’ll be on your 4-season or summer tires.

Since you’ll already be at the garage, ask your mechanic to do a complete inspection of your vehicle and to fix the small sores that fell on your nerves during the winter. Take advantage of your visit to make an oil change, lubricate the injectors, check your filters, etc.

In addition, why not take your Saturday to thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Go to every corner. Under the vehicle, walls, hubcaps, grille, etc. Don’t neglect anything when it comes to your safety. Your vehicle is valuable and requires a thorough spring cleaning after a harsh winter.

It's also the perfect time to tidy up brooms, winter gear and take off the gloves and the toques that are still lying under the bench. Do not skimp on cleaning the seats, dashboard, storage spaces, glove compartment, windows and mirrors, consoles, carpets, floor, etc.

The attention brought to this thorough cleaning is an important step to keep your vehicle spotless for a long time.

Style Auto, a Lifetime Partner!

At Style Auto, we care about the vehicles we sell. They are meticulously inspected to shine with all their fires. Our second hand vehicles are certified and guaranteed.

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Our advices and our team of experts will allow you to head back with the vehicle of your dreams. Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and just minutes from Montreal, we are waiting for you!